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About breed kurilian bobtail

What is Kurilian tail and what they are?

  • «STUB» - this is the tail, often consisting of 2-8 vertebrae, is shortened and deformed, as if planted on top of each other, are interconnected by a motionless, fractures may be felt as bumps. Vertebrae to a tail that can be located and the spiral, but they are so tightly srascheny with each other, that determine the direction of the spiral is not possible. Sometimes at the end of the hemp can be 1-2 vertebrae, rather thin and defend to the side, sometimes kept their partial mobility.
  • "extremely short "stub"
    "stub" type spiral
    "stub" with shoots
  • «SPIRALKA» - consists of 3 - 15 vertebrae deformed in such a way that fractures are created by a fairly sharp angle, forming a spiral, or «angle». Such a tail may have a different direction, it may be bent on the back and several of his vertebrae are very fit snugly to kresttsu. Connection vertebrae may be moving or polupodvizhnym possible combination of mobile and fixed sites, while bobtail can «wobble» how different parts of the tail.
  • "spiralka", twisted down and sideways
    tail spiralka "type angle"
    "spiralka" sideways and backward
  • «WHISK» - consists of 5-10 vertebrae fractures formed by blunt instruments angles, possibly moving or polupodvizhnoe connect the vertebrae, and their combinations. This tail can visually look quite long, up to 1 / 3 the normal tail, and incorrectness are determined only by touch.
  • «WHISK»
  • «RELEGATED BOBTAIL» - begins as a normal tail, direct and free from defects in a 5-7 vertebrae, and at the end of hvostika formed «hook» written several already deformed vertebrae, any degree of mobility. «Hook» by their nature is often a «spiralkoy».
  • "relegated bobtail"

    It is believed that the bobtail vilyaya tail, expressed his good mood, and when he is not in the spirit and razozlen, it just podergivaet skin! Almost a dog's tail application ...

    Author images - Catherine Grosheva

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