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Kurilian bobtails - kittens

Unfortunately right now the cattery has no kittens available

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- Kittens are transferred to new owners at the age of 3 months at the earliest.
- All kittens are fully vaccinated against feline rhinotracheitis, calici, panleukopenia viruses, Chlamydia psittaci and rabies.
- All kittens are dewormed at least twice.
- All kittens have a FIFe pedigree.
- Kittens for breeding and for show and kittens moving from Russia to other countries, are ID-marked (have a microchip).
- All kittens grow up as family members. They never stay in cages. Each gets personal attention and care. .
- Pet kittens sold with altering agreement only. .
- I prefer to sell kittens after establishing a personal contact with a new owner.
- All kittens have lifelong personal support from breeder - you can contact me any time for advice or questions.

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