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Welcome to cattery of kurilian bobtails Free Hunter!

We welcome you at the website of
the Kurilian bobtails cattery «Free Hunter».

My name is Maria Epifanova. Welcome to the Kurilian bobtails cattery "Free Hunter" in Moscow. Our cattery is registered in FIFe and is engaged in the breeding of a truly remarkable Russian native species called Kurilian bobtail. Our main priority is the breeding of large animals with a strong core, as it's prescribed in the standard of the breed. On our website you can see the cats and kittens of our cattery, but moreover you're able to find a lot of interesting and useful information about the breed.

The idea to establish a cattery and become engaged in serious felinological activity wasn't sudden, it took me more than three years of gathering the information, learning from professional felinologysts and participating in exhibitions with my neuters. Then i realized that I've got enough knowledge and I am quite ready to become a breeder.

The choice of breed also didn't happen immediately, I used to own British, Scottish folds and American Curls. But when I saw kurilian bobtail for the first time, once and for all, I gave my heart to this breed, as I realized that this is the breed of my dreams, these are cats closest to my spirit, temper and intelligence.

If you want to obtain a friend, gentle and tender, but not obsessive, dedicated, but not demanding, smart, but not upstart, the Kurilian bobtail - this is exactly what you need!

You can write us a letter - e-mail
or call+7 906 095 60 67
- I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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