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About breed kurilian bobtail

The history of breed.

How is such a wonderful and different from the standard of the breed of cats probably will not tell anyone ... ...

Whether hare, or lynx, or a dog ... ... metamorphosis of nature often neobyasnimy, but clearly it is the structure of the torso and a short tail was necessary for normal life «Murka» of the Kurile Islands. A fallacy to think that the Kuril islands are wild forest cats do not, this is a normal house cat that looks extravagant. Of course, the harsh conditions of island life postponed its mark, the Kurilian bobtail have a powerful body, strong legs and eyes focused experienced hunter.

The first of these unusual cats brought to the mainland military and geologists, it is because they breed «Kurilian bobtail» saw the light. Next charmed magic cats enthusiasts breeders started working for the promotion and recognition of the breed of feline systems.

At the moment the Kurilian bobtail becoming increasingly popular, are actively participating in exhibitions, occupy the top places, and struck by its beauty, natural grace and extraordinary temperament experts leading feline systems, cat lovers and ordinary viewers.

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