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About breed kurilian bobtail

Standart WCF

• KBS – shorthair,
• ĘBL – semilonghair.

HISTORY: breed is created on the base of aboriginal short-tailed cats occur on the Kuril Islands. Breeding program began in 1992 (by L. Ivanova, T. Bocharova and O. Mironova).

GENERAL: large or medium sized muscled animals. Compact powerful body with short, pompom shaped tail.

HEAD: large, in shape of trapezium, rounded in contours, wide at the cheekbone level. A gentle dip from the forehead to the broad, medium long, straight nose, without definite stop Well-developed wide chin. A bit rounded in profile.

EYES: rounded. Set far apart and slightly slanted. Any color from yellow to green. White cats, vans and harlequins can has blue or odd eyes.

EARS: medium sized, wide at the base, slightly slope forward. Set wide apart and medium high. Distance among the ears is equal to ear size. Ears are rounded at the tips.

BODY: compact, muscled, well-boned. Back shows delicate arch-like line from the shoulders to the higher rump. Legs medium in length, strong, sturdy, with rounded paws. Hind legs are longer than front.

TAIL: Composed of one or more kinks or curves or any combination thereof. May be rigid or flexible. The direction of tail is not important. Visible length of the tail (without the fur) from 3 to 8 cm. Size and shape of the tail should harmonize with the common appearance of the cat.

COAT: dense, thin in texture.

SH variety: short, with well-developed guard hairs and moderate undercoat.

SLH variety: long, with a lot of clothing hair, well-developed guard hairs and moderate undercoat. The decorative coat is desirable (ruff, frill, "britches", furnishing of the ears).

COLOR: all with the exception of colorpoints, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, lilac and the same combined with white.

PENALIZE: Tail length from 8 to 12 cm or less than 3cm. One-vertebrate tail. Delayed bobtail effect. Extreme arch-like back disharmonizing appearance of the cat. Slender type. Type likes the Japanese or Thai bobtail.

DISQUALIFY: Absence of the tail bone. Deformations of the spinal vertebrae. Short straight tail without kinks and curves. Tail longer than 12 cm.

Outcross with other breeds none.

•Head, eyes, ears – 20
•Body and legs - 30
•Tail - 30
•Coat and color - 15
•Condition - 5

Total: - 100

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